Post Graduation Opportunites

Because of the importance of microbiology to scientific discovery, microbiologists are needed in a variety of private sectors as well as governmental organizations. Microbiology students who would like to further their education may also wish to apply for an advanced degree in a professional school or graduate school.

Finding a School that is Right for You

With a degree in microbiology, you are equipped with the skills and experience to be accepted into a wide variety of fields in the scientific community.  As some of you know, we offer fast track programs to our medical school in Tulsa and our veterinary school here in Stillwater. Additionally, many of our graduates go on to professional school and others find jobs in health care, medical laboratories, teaching, research, industry and government. Our graduate program provides the one-on-one mentoring students need to become successful research scientists.  If you are not sure about a school that is right for you, we have provided you with some search engines to assist you.  These databases are dedicated to assist the student find a school, but it is up to the student to decide which school is the best fit for them.

Graduate School

Laboratory Science Program

Medical School

Veterinary School

Dental School

Law School

Registering for Postgraduate School Entrance Exams

It is important to mention that we have provided a resource to help you.  However, only you can decide which school is the right fit for you.  The microbiology department is here to assist your decision for life after your graduation in any way we can.Below, we offer you quick access to some of the standardized tests that come along with the movement from this program into a life of professional school or graduate school.

Registration for GRE

Registration for MCAT

Registration for DAT

Registration for LSAT

Finding Funding for Graduate School Programs

The Microbiology department is committed to helping its students even after their graduation.  Below, we provide the students that are interested in graduate programs, either here or elsewhere, with the source of a research fellowship.  Research fellowships are crucial to a graduate student and can provide the with the unique opportunity to bring their own funding into the graduate program of their choice.

National Graduate Research Fellowship

Fullbright Fellowship for Graduating Seniors

Additional Fellowship Opportunities for Graduating Seniors

Post-Graduation Internships and Career Opportunities without Professional/Graduate School

In addition to the microbiology department, Oklahoma State provides its students with a plentiful amount of resources to help a student decide on where they should end up after graduation.  A link is provided below to the Career Services Page for more information about professional school, graduate school, and jobs right after graduation.  Additionally, we have provided a brochure, courtesy of Career Services, with information about what can be done with a degree in Microbiology.