Life in Professional School

We in the Microbiology department strive to help our students get into the health field of their choice. There is no better preparation for professional school than a BS degree in Microbiology/Cell and Molecular Biology.

A Career with Medical School

The faculty and staff in the Microbiology department are committed to work with the Health Professions program to prepare students to apply to the medical school of their choice. One way that we help students is through OSU's 3 + 1 program to quicken the track to the OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine in Tulsa. This program serves as a degree plan that allows a student to complete the first 3 years at OSU and then spend their fourth year earning credit from a health professions doctoral program to complete the undergraduate degree. For a more complete description, go to the Health Professions page.

A Career with Veterinary School

The Center for Veterinary Health Sciences at OSU works with the Microbiology department to recruit Freshmen into the Early Admit program as well as a 3+1 programThe Early Admit program offers an opportunity for students who exhibit superior academic performance to commit to their veterinary medicine career goals early in the educational process by automatically accepting them into veterinary school at OSU, assuming all criteria are met, upon graduation with the B.S. degree. For more information on the Early Admit program, visit the CVHS page.

A Career in the Medical Laboratory Sciences

The Medical Laboratory Science degree option at Oklahoma State University is a hospital-based program. The student completes three years of academics at OSU followed by a one-year hospital internship at a National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Science (NAACLS) approved clinical facility. Students may enter the Medical Laboratory Science internship at the end of their junior year (3+1 program) (minimum of 90 hours required) or with a B.S. degree (4+1 program), upon completion of the required courses for medical technology as outlined in the OSU Undergraduate Degree Programs. Some useful links for the Medical Laboratory Sciences can be found below. Click on the photos below for more information on the individual programs.



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OCCLSA Application


Applicants can go to to apply

Click Student/Apply Now; Application Form; Begin

Complete and submit the online application form indicating the programs to which the applicant is applying

Follow the instructions to complete the background check performed by

Pay the application fee through PayPal before closing the browser. If students close the browser before paying, there is no way to access the Pay Now link to pay. (A check could be written to OCCLSA if applicants fail to follow the online instructions).

Have two professors/advisor complete and submit the academic reference forms.

Downloadable forms are available at

Send official transcript(s) from all universities/colleges attended

Mail an employer reference letter (optional)

Once the applicant submits the application, program directors will receive an email notification, which provides the applicant’s information in a pdf.