Chunk - The Department Therapy Dog!

ChunkTherapyThe Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics is proud to present our newest member: Chunk! She is a very energetic four-year old Blue Heeler-mix. Chunk is a rescue dog who came to live with Tyrrell and Sharri Conway in Sept, 2015. She had never been to the vet, did not have room to run, and was not well socialized -- with other animals or humans. Since her rescue, Chunk has met several hundred people through Oklahoma State University events, gone on several hundred walks (and counting), been to the vet for all her necessary appointments (she LOVES to go to the vet), and has retrieved countless balls, bones, stuffed toys, etc. during playtime. She enjoys having “jobs” to do. She has a routine of re-locating all of her toys and bones each morning. Chunk is an AKC Canine Good Citizen, registered with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs, and a new member of the OSU Pete’s Pet Posse program.


Chunk is a regular member of the department. You can find her in the hallways of Life Science East in between classes. If you are a Freshman, Chunk will be attending Arts and Sciences First Year Seminar for Microbiology Majors (A&S 1111) together with her handler, the Department Head. If you are interested in a career in medicine or research, the Microbiology section of A&S 1111 is a great way to meet the faculty and get to know the department. Chunk is always looking to make new friends and is guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face!

The OSU Pete’s Pet Posse organization is an integral part of the university’s wellness commitment as America’s Healthiest Campus® and is designed to help students, faculty, staff and campus visitors overcome emotional and stressful situations. Additionally, the dogs greet Freshmen and their parents during new student orientation,  attend new employee orientation, go to classes with their handlers, and  attend a variety of university gatherings throughout the year.

The Conway's wanted Chunk to be in the program because they believe in the benefits of dog therapy. Each dog and handler team undergoes intensive training in partnership with the university's College of Veterinary Medicine and must be certified to wear the Pete's Pet Posse orange therapy dog vest imprinted with "Ask to pet me, I'm friendly."

 Check out the Pete's Posse Facebook page for more details about the organization!

Let Chunk help you find your way around campus!