Chunk - In Memorium

 September, 2011 – August 11, 2022

Chunk was a very energetic Blue Heeler Mix. She was adopted by the Conway’s in September 2015 from a family member who could no longer care for her.


Once Chunk was adopted, life became one big adventure! She loved going to the vet and she loved Pistol Pete. She took several hundred walks and retrieved countless balls, bones, stuffed toys, etc. during playtime. She enjoyed having “jobs” to do. Each morning, she relocated all of her toys and bones. She constantly tried to “herd” her family, following her Mom around the house all day. The love of a new family brought remarkable changes in Chunk’s life.

Chunk’s new family recognized something special in her. They applied to be part of Pete’s Pet Posse and she became a therapy dog at Oklahoma State University. She began going to school with her dad and she quickly became the Microbiology Mascot. She spent time with her mom attending events across campus and she met thousands of people through her pet therapy work. Her parents loved sharing her boundless energy and enthusiasm with others through the Pete’s Pet Posse program. Chunk was a dog with many passions, among them chasing squirrels and swimming, but her chief passion was serving humans. She was the leader of a large pack, and if you met her, you were part of it.

Chunk was a Canine Good Citizen and was nationally certified with Alliance of Therapy Dogs.

Chunk was recently diagnosed with cancer and she passed away peacefully after a very quick fight. It was the only fight she ever lost and she was brave to the end. Her memory will continue to live on through the impact she made through her therapy work and she will be missed by many.