Nicholas Hazell

My name is Nicholas Hazell. I’m in my last semester here, primarily doing research for faculty in the biochemistry department and the microbiology department while finishing up my last class. I started doing research around the beginning of my junior year, and realized how much I enjoyed being in a lab and conducting research and working towards a goal. I’ve played basketball my whole life so relating that competitive nature I get on the court, transitions over to how I sometimes view being in a lab and trying to get an experiment down or in my case, trying to publish my first paper before I graduate in December. My research so far has primarily been protein based, and looking at genetic studies of rice genomes under certain abiotic stress factors, but I plan to shift my focus to infectious disease and study viral pathogens and how they interact with their hosts.

Hometown: McAlester, OK

Involvement: Microbiology Club, Oklahoma State Research Club