Commonly Asked Questions by Undergrads

Commonly asked questions:

Where can I find my degree sheet?

You can find your degree sheet on the microbiology website under the undergraduate students tab Degree Sheets

How can I get involved on campus?

Join one of our many clubs. You can join Micro Club, search campus link, or check out our club calendars

How do I write a professional email to my professors?

Check out this wiki link. Always put the course and number in the subject, so your professor can find your email. Be respectful and use proper language. You should also leave a signature with your name, class rank, department, and contact information (email, phone number, etc).

Where can I find jobs in Stillwater or elsewhere?

Go to HIREOSUGRADS for part-time and full-time job openings. This website is not just for alumni, but also for current students! This is a great place to upload your resume so potential employeers can find you. 

Where can I find about research labs?

On the right side of the faculty page are links to their research labs. 

How do I add/drop a class?

Visit Academic Affairs for more information.

How do I change my major, add a minor, or add a focus?

Visit career services on the second floor of LSE to get a major change form. Your advisor will need to sign this so be sure to make an appointment with them.

Where do I find my transcript?

Your transcript can be found on

How do I check out textbooks at the library?

Visit the library website to find books. At the Creative Studios you can reserve a timeslot to reserve a textbook from your class.