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Course Strategy This course introduces students to the basic units of life - from molecules to cells.  The goal is to present to you a comprehensive set of information, entirely based on experimental evidence showing how cells function at the molecular level.  Because the common basic cellular mechanisms, underlining ALL living things, are fairly complex, and molecular biology has made impressive progress in the last decade, we partition the course into five hypothetical parts.

Part 1 composition of matter and basic chemistry of living cells;

Part 2 structure and function of cells;

Part 3 energy and chemical transformations in cells;

Part 4 information flow in cells, and

Part 5 create and analyze cellular processes

Recommended Text Book Alberts B, Bray D, Hopkin K, Johnson A, Lewis J, Raff M, Roberts K and Walter P (2013) ESSENTIAL CELL BIOLOGY Fourth edition Garland Science Taylor & Francis Group New York NY

Suggested Course Activity Schedule

Watch Lectures

The following table indicates the suggested Lecture viewing sequence.

The course is contained by 14 lectures each of which was split into 3, 4 or 5smaller sections.

Read the book and use the Guided Studies to follow up on important questions

Guided Studies Every lecture will be followed by a guided study section consisting of a comprehensive set of questions to be answered individually.


Five Exams will be posted and stay open for ONE week.

Exams can be taken up to three times and the highest score will be posted.

The closing date for the exams are as follows:

Exam 1 – Part 1 – closes August 31st

Exam 2 – Part 2 – closes September 14

Exam 3 – Part 3 – closes October 5

Exam 4 – Part 4 – closes October 28

Final Exam – Part 5 – closes November 30

The final grade will be averaged for all Exams and grades credited as follows:





below 49%F



Cell & Molecular Biology
ONLINE  Cell & Molec. Biol.
Medical Mycology
Eukaryotic Genetics
Biomass Technology
Biomass Degradation
High Temp. Enzymes
Protein expression systems

Molecular Genetics
Gene Silencing
Stress Responses
Gene Regulation

DNA Bioinformatics
Structural Protein Modeling
Physical Mapping