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A Welcome from your Undergraduate Microbiology Associates

  OSU Microbiology Club serves as a way for undergraduate students interested in microbiology to network, navigate to resources, learn from professionals, help each other, and have fun. We host events that allow for fellow undergraduate students to meet, discuss challenges, network with faculty members, graduate students, and members of the community. We aim to help each member to build professional as well as personal networks, which is essential for future success. This may include helping with classwork or contacting a professor/speaker for more information. Our Facebook group allows a forum for members to post news related to science or other pertinent information so that our members can stay informed. We also aim to inform students about resources and opportunities available to them for scholarships, fellowships, internships, study programs, and employment. Along with all of this, we hope to have fun and make friends.

The Undergraduate Microbiology Associates - Officers:


Tanner Onstine - President

Hello everyone!  I am a sophomore and pursuing a dual degree with biochemistry.  In addition to serving as president, I am an undergraduate researcher in the Patrauchan Lab group studying Pseudomonas aeruginosa.  I eventually want to use the microbiology degree, along with the research experience I am gaining, to go into pharmaceutical research. Outside of the lab and class, I love to get outside whenever I get the chance whether it be by woodworkng, hiking, fishing, kayaking or working out at the Colvin Center. We have several fun events planned for the next year!

Kyla Blackshare - Vice President

Hi there! My name is Kyla Blackshare and I am a senior microbiology major from Tulsa. I hope to pursue my dreams in the near future by attending OSU’s School of Veterinary Medicine or a Clinical Laboratory Science program, or possibly both! I have worked at a veterinary clinic for the past 5 years, and have become very interested in research. Stillwater has always been a second home to me, and I enjoy attending as many sporting events as possible as well as being an active Greek member. We have a wonderful department that is very invested in its students, so if there is any way we can assist you please get in contact with one of us. Go Pokes!


Jaelen Herron - Treasurer

I am a junior majoring in microbiology and minoring in Spanish. Jaelen is currently also involved in the Arts & Sciences Student Council, NAACP, and African American Student Association. I have previously served as the Project Manager for the PB&J Project on campus helping raise around $1,100 for an orphanage in Kenya. I have also conducted research under Dr. Michael Palmer in the Botany department working closely with one of his graduate students, Justin Dee, on herb chronology.

Madolyn Phillips- Secretary

My name is Madolyn Phillips, and I am originally from Norman. I am a junior microbiology major, hoping to minor in English. In my spare time, I like to write and do crafts. The microbiology department is very important to me, and as an officer I want to help make this club the best it can be!

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Cheyenne Prescott, Microbiology and molecular genetics, Oklahoma State University  

Cheyenne Prescott- Event Coordinator

I'm a sophomore that is planning on going to graduate school to get a microbiology related Master's degree, but I don't know what I want to do with that yet. I'm the event coordinator for Microbiology club, Vice President of Vintage Faith, a member of Pencils of Promise, a Supplemental Instruction (SI) leader for CHEM1314, and I am currently doing research on Aspergillus nidulans swollenin proteins in Dr. Prade's lab with Jorge Lightfoot. My hobbies include playing and watching sports, running, fishing, hiking, reading, and photography.


Undregraduate Microbiology Associates - Advisor:


Dr. Marianna Patrauchan

For the Micro Club, I serve as the primary sponsor for the group and serve as a means to assist the students in any way that I can. I am here for the benefit of the students and the club; to assist in development of our undergraduate student participation in the club. I will coordinate the club officers with any insight that they wish from a departmental point of view, as well as making sure that we are an enticing undergraduate program within the microbiology department.

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