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A Welcome from your Undergraduate Microbiology Club


OSU Microbiology Club serves as a way for undergraduate students interested in microbiology to network, navigate resources, learn from professionals, help each other, and have fun. We host events that allow for fellow undergraduate students to meet, discuss challenges, network with faculty members, graduate students, and members of the community. We aim to help each member to build professional as well as personal networks, which is essential for future success. This may include helping with classwork or contacting a professor/speaker for more information. Our Facebook group allows a forum for members to post news related to science or other pertinent information so that our members can stay informed. We also aim to inform students about resources and opportunities available to them for scholarships, fellowships, internships, study programs, and employment. 

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You can view the full Microbiology Club calendar here.

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The Undergraduate Microbiology Associates - Officers:


Troy Adkins - President

Email: troy.adkins@okstate.edu

My name is Troy Adkins and I am the 2019-2020 Microbiology Club President for this year! I am a current Junior majoring in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics and I am also a Microbiology Ambassador so if you have any questions about the club or about the microbiology major please don't hesitate to contact me. I am truly excited for this year and about the things we have planned!


    Troy Adkins

Natali Edwards - Vice President

Email: natedwa@okstate.edu

Hi! My name is Natali Edwards, and I am a sophomore pursuing a dual-degree in Biochemistry and Microbiology. I am working as an undergraduate TA for a microbiology lab, and I am an officer for OSU's Forensic Sciences Club. After graduation, I plan to get my Master's Degree in Forensic Sciences and work as a Biochemist for either the OSBI or the FBI. Outside of school, I enjoying hiking, reading, and playing with my dog. I can't wait for all the fun events we have planned for this year!



natali edwards


Secretary- Jennifer Perez

Email: jeperez@okstate.edu

Hello! My name is Jennifer Perez and I am currently a junior at OSU! I am a Biology Pre Med major, with a minor in Microbiology! I am currently the President of the Optometry Club and hope to attend Optometry School in the Fall of 2020! Other than microbiology, I love all things art related whether its drawing, painting, music, or any form of self expression! If I’m not studying, you will usually find me painting! This is my first year with the Microbiology Club and I cannot wait to see what the future holds 





Jenny perez


Treasurer- Rosa Gorham

Email: rgorham@okstate.edu

“Hey friends! My name is Rosa and I’m a sophomore pursuing a dual degree in Biochemistry and Microbiology. I am currently working as an S.I. Leader for BIO1114, as well as a Community Mentor for West Commons! I am also involved on campus in various ways. I’m one of the College of Arts and Sciences Freshmen Student Council Coordinators, a Microbiology Ambassador, as well as the Secretary for CAS Ambassadors! After I graduate, I plan to pursue a dual M.D./Ph.D. or D.O / Ph.D. to become a practicing physician as well as a medical researcher. Outside of class, you can find me riding my bike or hanging out with my pals! I’m so excited for you guys to come to our awesome events we have planned this year, and I can’t wait to see you all there! (:


     Rosa Gorham

Advertisement Co-Chair- Bahar (B) Nazar Gul

Email: bnazarg@okstate.edu

Hello my name is Baher Gul. I am an international student who chose OSU to pursue a career in forensics. I am excited to be an officer for the Micro club.


    Bahar Nazar Gul

Advertisement Co-Chair: Savannah Beakley

Email: sbeakle@okstate.edu

Social Media and Outreach Chair- Abigail Peters

Email: abigpet@okstate.edu

Hello!! My name is Abi and I am a senior this year. I am a Microbiology major with a Psychology and American Sign Language minor. I am currently working at FLIR Systems as a Science Intern in the lab and as a student employee for the Microbiology Department. I am also a Microbiology Ambassador. After I graduate, my plan is to go to graduate school and get a Masters in Genetic Counseling! When I'm not in the library or in LSE, I can usually be found somewhere with my dog or hanging out with friends. We have a lot of fun stuff planned for this year so make sure to tune in and come to our events!

    Abigail Peters

Outreach Co-Chair- Meredith Casey

Email: mecasey@okstate.edu

¡Hola! My name is Sarah I am a senior Biochemistry major with minors in Spanish, Chemistry, and Microbiology. I am a researcher in Dr. Cabeen's research lab and am so excited to be getting more involved as an officer of the Microbiology club! After graduation I hope to travel and gain work experience in the health field before attending professional school. 






   Sarah WInburn



Undergraduate Microbiology Club - Advisor:

Cabeen 3  


Dr. Matthew Cabeen




  Dr. Karen Wozniak