Meet Our Undergrad Students

The Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics is ecstatic to have excellent students with a wide range of interests from medical school to law school, with dual majors ranging from biochemistry to foreign languages. We have a very active student body with members from the OSU Cheer, Cowboy Marching Band, OSU Equestrian, Pre-Vet, SGA, and many more organizations both on and off campus.  Here we take a look at some of our wonderful undergraduate students and their experiences with microbiology. These snapshots exemplify our majors at various points in their careers here at OSU.  Please take a look at the videos in which these students describe their experiences here in the Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics. See more of our undergraduate student perspectives.   

These are our individual perspectives.  For more videos about student perspectives in the Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, follow the link for our Student-Panel Video Perspectives.

Our Undergraduate Students:


Jay Moore 
From Tahlequah, Oklahoma 

Jay is invloved with a wide number of student organiztations on campus, including Gender and Sexuality Student Outreach and SACNAS. Jay wants to use her micro degree for pathology/infectious disease research.


Jordan Fleming 
From Langley, Oklahoma

Jordan is one of our undergraduate students that wants to attend optometry school after his time at OSU. Jordan is, also, a student researcher in the Lutter Lab. He is a member of the OSU chapter of SACNAS.


Kristina Baker  
From Sand Springs, Oklahoma

Kristina is a great example of the department's competitiveness in scholarships. Kristina has been a Wentz scholar and a Niblack scholar, two of the most competitive programs at OSU. She is the current president of the Micro Club. 


Colby Star
From Tulsa, Oklahoma 

A Colby is pursuing a dual degree with microbiology and biochemistry with a minor in religious studies. Colby is currently a Niblack Research Scholar in the Lutter Lab and has aspirations to go to medical school to become a physician or a physician scientist. He is active in volunteering at many places including Sole Hope, the Special Olympics, and Lincoln Academy Tutoring. He is also active in a numerous amount of student organizations including SACNAS, OK-LSAMP, AED, the Microbiology Club, and the Native American Student Association. 


Kyla Blackshare 
From Tulsa, Oklahoma

Kyla is currently in the Early Admit program here at OSU. Kyla is also a very active member in her soroity. She wants to become a small animal vet after her time at OSU. 


Kassidy Ford 
From Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Kassidy is currently involved in many student organizations around campus like the Microbiology Club, Presidents Leadership Council, and the National Society of Leadership. She is also an ambassador for the Microbiology department and is a student reseacher in Dr. Conway's lab. She wants to become an orthopedic surgeon. 


Sarah Spradlin
From Fort Smith, Arkansas

Sarah's goal is to become an obstetrician. She is involved in many student organizations including the Microbiology Club and the National Federation of Republican Women. She also is an active member in her sorority, Alpha Delta Pi, and is in the Alpha Delta Pi Scholarship Committee. 


Ashley Simenson 
From Delano, Minnesota 

Ashley is currenly a student researcher in the REACH lab in the Psychology department and previously did research with Dr. Lucas in the Nutrition department and with Dr. Gustafson in the Biochemistry department. She has been the recipient of the Niblack Research Scholarship. She is also a member of AED and is a CM for Stout Hall. 


Michael Jamaleddine  
From Tulsa, Oklahoma

Michael is a recipient of the Wentz Research Scholarship and has done research in the Biochemistry department for three years. He is involved in many student organizations including Friends of the Forms, Microbiology Club, Ethics Club, AKD, AED, and BBB. He also volunteers at the Oklahoma Cancer and Research Institue, and his future plans include academic medicine and oncology. 

Our Student Perspectives:

Andres Andres Eduardo Guerrero Criado is very convinced about the study abroad program here at OSU. Spending six months in another country, while doing excellent research, lead to various benefits for Andres and his choice of a career.  Andres gives advice to students about how to improve their look when applying to the future school of their choice. AshtynAnders Ashtyn tells us more about her experiences in the classroom in microbiology, including her time in the Intro to Micro class.   She goes on to give current and future students advice and tips on organization and to stay on topic while here at OSU.  She gives out her experiences to help students the level of success that she has achieved here in the Microbiology Department.  
Brooke Romine  Brooke wants to help students that are along the path to medical school.  She gives insight into the application process, how to be more competitive on paper, and overall success by the student by being involved in various organizations on campus.  Brooke gives valuable advice about the PAC interview process.   JayMoore Jay talks to current and future students about what life is like in the Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics as a freshman.   Jay elaborates on her experiences about being heavily involved on and off  campus during your first year here at OSU.  Jay explains her decision into why she chose microbiology and what her plans are for after graduation.  
JordanFlemming  Jordan starts off by elaborating on the organizations that he has joined on campus that will relate to the field that he has chosen that he wants to pursue.  He explains how he chose microbiology and how he thinks the material supports his studies for optometry.  Jordan describes his experiences in the Lutter Lab group and how this experience that he has gained can help him in his future endeavors.   Troy King Troy describes the value of leadership in the microbiology department.   Troy is one of our students that explains why he wants to go into the field of academia with all of the degrees that he will earn from OSU. Also, he talks about the value of a Research Experience for Undergraduates. Troy sums up his experience in the microbiology department with how he feels it prepared him for life after graduation.  
KassidyFordPS Edit  Kassidy talks about her decision to choose a degree in microbiology and elaborates about her passion for the subject.  She talks about her desire to attend medical school when it comes time for her to apply.  Kassidy mentions about the ease of joining organizations on campus and the ability to speak to various professors about lab research and classwork.       

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