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Medical Technology (also see Clinical  Laboratory Science degree option)


Medical Technology (or Clinical Laboratory) Science is one of the few majors that enables a student to enter a productive and fulfilling profession in the health sciences with a B.S. degree. Medical technologists comprise a key segment of the health care profession because they represent an important member of a primary health care team that also includes physicians and nurses. This is a versatile program and allows the graduate to seek employment opportunities in health care laboratories, administration, health law, medicine, dentistry, or veterinary medicine.


The Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology degree at Oklahoma State University is a hospital-based program. The student completes three years of academics at OSU followed by a one-year hospital internship at a National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Science (NAACLS) approved clinical facility. The hospital curriculum includes clinical microbiology, Clinical Chemistry I and II, Clinical Hematology, Clinical Immunology, and Topics in Medical Science. Clinical instruction includes training in chemistry, microbiology, hematology, blood bank, immunology and phlebotomy. The deadline for application is October 15 for the clinical internship to begin the summer between the student's junior and senior years. Upon completion of the hospital internship, the student is eligible to take the exam for the "Medical Technology Registry of the American Society of Clinical Pathologists".

You may enter the Medical Technology internship at the end of your junior year (3+1 program) (minimum of 90 hours required) or with a B.S. degree (4+1 program), provided you have completed the required courses for medical technology as outlined in the OSU Undergraduate Programs and Requirements publication.


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