Faculty Governance

RPT (Retention Promotion and Tenure)

Oversees procedures that ensure fair evaluation of and rewards for professional duties performed within the Dept, as well as promotion and tenure considerations.

  • Chair, Jeff Hadwiger
  • Member, Mostafa Elshahed
  • Member, Rolf Prade
  • Alternate, Wouter Hoff

RPT: Guidelines for selection, reappointment, and promotion of faculty (link)

Workload Policy (link)

Advisory Committee (to Dept Head)

Advises Department Head as required by Dean and as needed to move quickly on strategic opportunities.

  • Jeff Hadwiger
  • Mostafa Elshahed
  • Noha Youssef

Graduate Program

Oversees graduate student recruitment and admissions, makes TA assignments, and maintains the graduate program handbook.

  • Chair, Mostafa Elshahed
  • Member, Babu Fathepure
  • Member, Erika Lutter
  • Member, Randy Morgenstein
  • Member, Karen Wozniak

Graduate Program guidelines (link)

Undergraduate Curriculum and Assessment

Oversees and coordinates undergraduate curriculum and prepares annual Assessment report.

  • Chair, Noha Youssef
  • Member, Jeff Hadwiger
  • Member, Rolf Prade
  • Member, Ed Shaw
  • Member, Garry Marley
  • Liaison, Connie Budd
  • Liaison, Dana Hatter

Awards Committee

Oversees scholarships and awards, tracks opportunities, solicits applications and nominations, selects winners, and works with office staff to organize Spring awards banquet.

  • Chair, Marianna Patrauchan
  • Member, Randy Morgenstein
  • Member, Rolf Prade
  • Liaison, Dana Hatter

Public Relations and Social Media

Nominations for faculty and student awards. Write press releases for grant announcements and high-profile publications and forward to news media.

  • Chair, Matt Cabeen
  • Member, Noha Youssef
  • Member, Dana Hatter

Facilities Committee

Oversees purchase and maintenance of common equipment. Sets policies concerning training and equipment use.

  • Chair, Matt Cabeen
  • Member, Babu Fathepure
  • Member, Jeff Hadwiger
  • Member, Gary Marley