Oklahoma State University

Robert L. Burnap Professor
Vaughn O. Vennerberg Chair of Bioinformatics & Molecular Genetics

Ph.D., 1987, Biology, University of California Santa Barbara

D. Kim Burnham  Associate Professor and Head

Ph.D., 1984 University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center

Molecular genetic and biophysical analysis of photosynthesis


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E-mail: R Burnap

Immune responses within mammalian skin, immunity in reptiles, modulation of host immune responses by cancer.

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E-mail: K Burnham

Mostafa Elshahed Associate Professor

Ph.D., 2001, Microbiology, University of Oklahoma

Babu Z. Fathepure Associate Professor

Ph.D., 1985. Environmental Microbiology, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, India


Molecular microbial ecology of anaerobic habitats. Environmental genomics of novel microbial groups.

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Fax: 405 744 1112

E-mail: M Elshahed


Microbial physiology and ecology of hydrocarbon degradation in hypersaline environments.

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E-mail: B Fathepure


Jeffrey A. Hadwiger Professor

Ph.D., 1989, Biology, University of California, Santa Barbara


Wouter D. Hoff Professor

Ph.D., 1995, Chemistry/Microbiology, University of Amsterdam

Molecular mechanisms of signal transduction in eukaryotic cell movements and differentiation, receptor and G-protein function

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Fax: 405 744 6790
E-mail: J Hadwiger

Bacterial photoreceptors as model systems for signal transduction and protein function

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E-mail: W Hoff



Gilbert H. John Associate Professor

Ph.D., 1990, Microbiology, Colorado State University


Erika I. LutterAssistant Professor

Ph.D. 2009, Bacterial Pathogenesis, University of Calgary


Xenobiotic metabolism by microorganisms, biosensor and infectious disease research

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Fax: 405 744 6790
E-mail: G John


Host-pathogen interactions at mucosal sites

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Fax: 405 744 6790

E-mail: E. Lutter

Garry M. Marley Adjunct Assistant Professor

Ph.D.University of Maryland at Baltimore; Division of Cellular & Molecular Biology


Marianna A. Patrauchan Associate Professor

PhD., 1995, Microbiology, Institute of Microbiology, Kiev, Ukraine



Tel: 405 744 6411

Fax: 405 744 6790
E-mail: G Marley


Physiology and molecular biology of bacterial biofilms




Tel: 405 744 8148

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E-mail: M Patrauchan


Rolf A. Prade Professor

Ph.D., 1987, Biochemistry, University of Sao Paulo


Edward Shaw Associate Professor

Ph.D., 1997, Microbiology, University of South Alabama College of Medicine

Molecular genetics and cell biology of fungi.


Tel: 405 744 7522

Fax: 405 744 6790

E-mail: R Prade


Molecular pathogenesis of obligate-intracellular bacteria, host cell-pathogen molecular interactions and response to infection

Tel: 405 744 5744

Fax: 405 744 6790

E-mail: E Shaw


Moses N. Vijayakumar Professor

Ph.D., 1982, Biology, University of Illinois at Chicago


Noha H. Youssef Assistant Professor

Ph.D., 2006, Botany & Microbiology University of Oklahoma

Pathogenesis, molecular biology and genetics of gene transfer mechanisms in streptococci, regulation of gene expression

Tel: 405 744 7730

Fax: 405 744 6790

E-mail: M Vijayakumar

YoussefWeb Prokaryotic single-cell genomics and fungal phylogenomics






Tel: 405 744 3193

E-mail: N Youssef


 Robert V Miller Regents Professor

Ph.D., 1972, Microbiology, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign